I carry out designs of both living and commercial spaces in the area of Mazovia region and all Poland. I will accept an e-design for implementation abroad.

The scope of design, its details, and conditions of cooperation are always individually arranged, depending on customer’s expectations.
Within the framework of the service, I offer:

- conceptual design (drawings with functional arrangement in rooms)

- comprehensive design (arrangement of floors, lighting design, arrangement of furniture and appliances, design of furniture in customized sizes, drawings for contractors with dimensions, color design, cost estimate along with suggestions concerning the purchase site)

- e-design (based on the inventory along with detailed dimensions and photos handed over by the customer)

- author’s supervision

- I work with a reliable renovation team, electricians, and woodworking shop carrying out customized furniture

- I sometimes prepare designs in a duo

How We Work ?

1. The first meeting – space inventory: drawings + photos
- defining of expectations
- determining of cost range and conclusion deadline

2. Design preparation – additional consultations in case they are needed.

3. Handing over the design – individual stages or the complete design according to agreement.
- defining of expectations
- determining of cost range and conclusion deadline

4. I hand over the designs in form of printouts or on a CD. Supervision of execution, if needed.

Price List

The cost of the project is always individually settled, depending on investor’s needs.

Sample prices:
Conceptual design: from 40.00 PLN/m2
Comprehensive design: from 80.00 PLN/m2
E-design: from 40.00 PLN/m2

Author’s supervision: to be arranged